A haunted afternoon in the park.

Realm of Possibilities. #bbai

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Negative Ringtones

I’ve had my phone on totally silent for a a few months now. It’s kind of liberating, I only look at the screen when I want. The phantom vibrations in my pants have also stopped, because I know my phone does not vibrate at all.

I thought this would make me miss a lot of calls, but it’s not that bad in practice. I usually listen to music or podcasts when I’m out and about, and when somebody calls me, the music stops.

This is what I mean by negative ringtone: my phone doesn’t ring, instead it slowly fades out what I’m currently listening to. Funnily enough, this has conditioned me to expect a phone call, whenever music or podcasts fade out unexpectedly.

Springtime in Bonn’s old town.

Firstworld problems… oh really?

It’s March. While it’s still winter in the US, Germany skipped right over springtime into summer. We used this opportunity to start the beach volleyball season, and afterwards, in the shower, had a fun little insight:

Thommy complained that it takes days until the sand you get into your eyes is fully gone from them. I agreed that, yes, it’s annoying. However, isn’t that really a #firstworldproblem, too much sand in your eyes after playing beach volleyball in the sun on a weekday afternoon in March?

Put like that, it definitely sounds like a #firstworldproblem. But I bet that people from sandy third-world countries experience this as well. So, actually, I guess sand is both: a #firstworldproblem and #thirdworldproblem. 

Der Kanzler cares, anscheinend, ob man die Turnhalle mit Straßenschuhen betritt. Oder die Pförtner sind größenwahnsinnig.

There is a huge psychological component to male and female arousal:

A hard dick is the Tinkerbell of the sex act: You gotta believe!

There is some psyching up and psyching out that goes into sustaining that erection, and you can develop a bad case of performance anxiety that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because you look at your hard dick and you don’t believe, and like Tinkerbell it dies because you’re not clapping for it. Because you just don’t believe hard enough.

Dan Savage on erectile dysfunction caused by too much porn watching. From episode 373 of his Savage Love podcast.

Advanced carpetry

This is a ginormous wall carpet that’s currently on display in the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn as a part of the ‘Florence' exhibition:


I tweeted this picture last week in the course of a tweetup organized by the Max-Weber Stiftung. Since I’m an internet child, I filtered it with Camera+ before posting:


The fun thing? As my friend and historian Sascha Foerster pointed out, the carpet must’ve originally looked like the filtered picture, because its colors have faded over the centuries. 

So my manipulated photograph of the carpet is actually more authentic than the real world object that’s hanging in the museum.